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Perfecting Spirit and Mind Ministries
 Stirring you up!

As a result of working with me, urrenewedmindmentor, women and men struggling to overcome strongholds will
- Smash restricting patterns and behaviors 
- Strengthen faith and belief
- Move forward into their powerful greatness....

I am looking for individuals who are ready to 
- Take charge of their change
- Embrace unlimited possibilities to
- Live life by design and not default

Who do you know?


          Inspire. Teach. Renew.

Wooden Window

OUR Story


Perfecting Spirit & Mind Ministries was created in 2020 and is 
expanding rapidly. Housed under the company is:
* Overcoming Me Inspirational Memoir (Author)
* The Courage to be Free (Co-author)
* The Purpose in my Pain (Co-author)
* PSMM Podcast
and more to come................



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